Chocolate cake with mayonnaise
Mayonnaise and chocolate cake?

Mayonnaise, a seasoning found in many homes. I want to use it up as soon as possible after opening it, but I think some people may be worried that "the amount used for cooking is small and does not decrease at all".

I've found a recipe to help you with that problem, so I'll introduce it. The recipe is "chocolate cake" with mayonnaise . It is introduced on the Kewpie site.

The ingredients of this recipe, named "American cake," are "mayonnaise," "hot cake mix," "cocoa (sweetened)," and "milk." As much as 90g (3.17oz) of mayonnaise is added, the standard eggs and butter are not added to the cake making. First, mix the mayonnaise and milk, wondering if it will be delicious.

Chocolate cake with mayonnaise
4 ingredients

Mayonnaise and milk
Use plenty of 90g (3.17oz) of mayonnaise and mix with milk

Then add the panque mix and cocoa and mix them gently. The sweet and fragrant chocolate dough is ready. Put it in a mold and bake it in a 180 degree oven for 30-40 minutes and you're done.

Chocolate cake with mayonnaise
When mayonnaise and milk are mixed (left), add flour (right)

Chocolate cake with mayonnaise
Two pound cakes with a width of 17.5 cm

Chocolate cake with mayonnaise

When the cake has cooled, cut it and taste it. Surprisingly, I didn't feel the sourness of mayonnaise at all, and it had a rich and mellow taste like raw chocolate . Doesn't anyone notice that this is with mayonnaise? It seems good to cool it in the refrigerator or add ice cream at this time of year.

Chocolate cake with mayonnaise
It looks fluffy, but you can enjoy it like raw chocolate.

Other sweets such as mayonnaise cookies and cheesecake are introduced on the Kewpie recipe page. Sweets with mayonnaise that are cheaper than recipes that use butter. Why don't you try it during this consecutive holidays?