Adult marriage event "Man activity"
Find the perfect match for manga !?

A marriage activity event "Man Katsu" utilizing the "Manga Matching System (MMS)" that diagnoses compatibility based on manga hobbies will be held on October 21st at the manga salon "Trigger" in Shibuya, Tokyo.

This system was developed by Searchfield under the supervision of a manga concierge with a wealth of manga knowledge. While operating it on a trial basis at this event, he hopes to create new encounters with his partner and manga.

Participants send their favorite manga titles by e-mail in advance, and based on that, the manga concierge creates a "manga matching medical certificate" with other participants. On the day of the event, you can spend one-on-one talk time and free time while using the medical certificate.

Adult marriage event "Man activity"
Image of "Manga Matching Medical Certificate"

Participants will bring one of their favorite mangas and will lend and borrow the manga once the matching is confirmed on the day. Everyone will be able to experience the "sweet and sour romance that begins with lending and borrowing books," which everyone would have experienced once when they were students (?).

Adult marriage event "Man activity"
At the end, exchange the recommended book

[Outline of "Man activity"]
Date: October 21, 19:30 Start Venue: 2-15-2 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Compa Building 4F Manga Salon "Trigger"
Participation fee: 6,000 yen for men / 3,000 yen for women (tax included, all-you-can-drink + meal included)
How to apply: Accepting from the project page of the crowdfunding site "FAAVO". Capacity is 10 men and 10 women each (limited to 20 years old and over).