Tacos with dumpling skin

You can make the popular Mexican food " tacos " with dumpling skin !? I found a surprising recipe on the Moranborg site, so I tried it.

The ingredients are dumpling skin (large format), minced meat, taco rice (taco) sauce, lettuce, tomato, and shredded cheese. The following is a rough procedure (for details, refer to the Moranborg recipe page " Tacos with dumpling skin ").

Tacos with dumpling skin
Collect the ingredients and start!

1. Stir-fry minced meat and season with sauce. Finely chop lettuce and tomatoes.

Tacos with dumpling skin
For "taco meat" where minced meat looks delicious

2. Fold the dumpling skin in half and bake one side at a time in a frying pan.

Tacos with dumpling skin
The point is to create an appropriate space by sandwiching aluminum foil between the skins.

Tacos with dumpling skin
I was able to fill it up

3. Put lettuce, minced meat, tomatoes and cheese on the gyoza skin of "2" and it's done.

Tacos with dumpling skin
Be careful not to spill the ingredients as the skin is small

Indeed, it looks exactly like a taco! And the taste is ... It's different from tacos using tortillas, but this is an ant. The crispy grilled dumpling skin matches the spicy minced meat and crispy raw vegetables, and you can enjoy a refreshing taste. It's small, so it looks good as a snack for a home party.

By the way, if you prepare white rice instead of dumpling skin, you can make "taco rice", an Okinawan dish. This is also easy and delicious, so give it a try!

Image of taco rice
This is also delicious ~