Western confectionery Shirotae Akasaka
I'm going to buy a special snack

As the name suggests, Akasaka has many slopes and a large difference in elevation. It was difficult when I investigated the terrain around Akasaka in high school geography training. There are many offices and houses in the downtown area, and it is an image of sophisticated adults gathering.

Around Akasaka Toyokawa Inari
Around Toyokawa Inari

In this town where the spine is screaming every time I come, I sought an elegant snack for adults.

Japanese sweets shop that Jobs also loved

Akasaka Aono Akasaka Mitsuke store
A long-established Japanese sweets shop

Close to Akasaka Mitsuke Station, the long-established appearance is "Akasaka Aono Akasaka Mitsuke". It became even more famous because it was a Japanese sweets shop that Steve Jobs also loved.

One of the signboard products here is "Akasaka Mochi" (216 yen per piece). It is wrapped in a beautiful furoshiki with a pale color. Hmm, it looks like that souvenir ...?

Akasaka Aono "Akasaka Mochi"
"Akasaka Mochi" wrapped in a small furoshiki

The author, who has a countryside in Yamanashi, reminds me of "Kikyouya Shingen Mochi", but in fact, Akasaka Aono is the originator of the "small furoshiki wrapping" style.

The sealed container is packed with two rice cakes and soybean flour. First, take out only the soybean flour and entangle the mochi. I put it on a plate this time, but it's okay to spread it on the wrapped furoshiki.

Akasaka Aono "Akasaka Mochi"
A cup that contains the scent of soybean flour

Akasaka Aono "Akasaka Mochi"
Take out the soybean flour first (even on a furoshiki)

Akasaka Aono "Akasaka Mochi"

The crispy rice cake has a scent of brown sugar, and the coarsely chopped walnuts are an exquisite accent. Sprinkle plenty of fragrant soybean flour and enjoy the harmony with the aroma (be careful not to laugh while eating). It's not too sweet, so I think I can eat it with a margin of about 1kg.

Madonna in the cheesecake world

Next, head to "Western confectionery Shirotae Akasaka" along Hitotsuki Street. It had a retro appearance like a Western-style building, and there was a coffee shop, and it was crowded with madams.

Western confectionery Shirotae Akasaka
Retro pastry shop

The aim is a rare cheese cake (260 yen per piece, also available in the hall). The pistachios are adorned with snow-whiteness and a lovely size.

Western confectionery Shirotae Akasaka
Affordable price

Cheese is soft and fluffy, melts smoothly at the temperature of the tongue and spreads a good acidity. This melting is no longer an art. The buttery biscuit stand also adds an exquisite accent. Elegant and beautiful, but not overly assertive, the sophisticated rare cheese cake is like an "ideal female figure".

Western confectionery Shirotae Akasaka
I will love you for the rest of my life ...

Of course, if you choose a souvenir that you definitely don't want to fail, these two items are definitely for you. It was a gourmet gem unique to Akasaka with many restaurants. See you in some city again.

Akasaka Aono Akasaka Mitsuke Store
3-1-11 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Western confectionery Shirotae Akasaka
4-1-4 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo