"Landrin Botanical" Series

From the fabric care brand "Landrin", the "Landrin Botanical" series, which uses only plant-derived soft ingredients, was released on November 1st. There are two types of lineup, fabric softener and fabric mist, limited in quantity.

The product contains plant-derived soft ingredients and 8 types of organic botanical extracts. "Relaxing green tea scent" that "calms the mind while being elegant" is adopted by naturally derived fragrance ingredients.

"Landrin Botanical" series
The image character is Jessica Michibata

Softener does not use coloring agents, fluorescent agents, or bleaching agents. It can also be used for baby clothes to make clothes soft and smooth and to reduce friction between the skin and clothes. 665 yen for 500 ml (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Fabric mist can be used to deodorize and disinfect fabric products such as curtains, sofas, rugs, and beds that are difficult to wash. The price is 474 yen with 300 ml.