Ogiyahagi Yahagi's "Chat Chat Carbonara"
This pasta was introduced in the cooking corner "Chachatto Kitchen" in the variety show "Thanks to everyone in Tonneruzu".
Material ( For 2 people )
pasta 200g (7.05oz)
sausage 4
onion 1/2 piece
milk 200ml (6.76us fl oz)
Egg 2 pieces
Kelp tea a little
Tube garlic, olive oil, grated cheese, black pepper Each appropriate amount
Ogiyahagi / Yahagi's Carbonara
I failed in the show ...?

The cooking corner "Chachatto Kitchen" in the variety show "Thanks to everyone in Tonneruzu". So the other day, Mr. Yahagi, a comedy duo, Ogiyahagi, was showing off a pasta recipe.

The recipe, entitled "Carbonara, which is easy but tastes like a shop," seems to be easy to make at home, such as using milk instead of cream. However, in the program, it ended in a rainy day (?), And everyone made a bitter comment ...

It's interesting that these talents are making it with apt, but I was really curious about the taste, so I decided to make it myself.

The ingredients (for 2 people) introduced on the official website are 200 g of pasta, 4 sausages, 1/2 onion, 200 ml of milk, and 2 eggs. In addition, use a little kelp tea, tube garlic, olive oil, grated cheese, and black pepper in appropriate amounts.

Ogiyahagi / Yahagi's Carbonara
Main ingredients (I make it for one person)

Slice the onions and sausages and melt the eggs. Start boiling the pasta in salted water and fry the olive oil, tube garlic and ingredients in a frying pan.

Ogiyahagi / Yahagi's Carbonara
Make the sauce according to the boiled time of the pasta

When it 's cooked, add milk and kelp tea with a secret flavor (about 1 teaspoon). Add grated cheese and boil. At this time, taste the sauce and add salt if it is not enough. Eggs will be added at the end, so be sure.

Ogiyahagi / Yahagi's Carbonara
With milk

Ogiyahagi / Yahagi's Carbonara
A little kelp tea

Ogiyahagi / Yahagi's Carbonara
Add grated cheese and taste it once.

Add the boiled pasta to the sauce, entangle the whole, turn off the heat, and finally add the beaten egg and entangle. In the program, the egg became roasted and egg-shaped here, but I thought it would be better to add it after cooling it by slightly fanning it so that it would not harden due to heat.

Ogiyahagi / Yahagi's Carbonara
Put pasta!

Ogiyahagi / Yahagi's Carbonara
Turn off the fire!

Ogiyahagi / Yahagi's Carbonara
Tangle the egg

Ogiyahagi / Yahagi's Carbonara
The author is also a little lumpy ...

Serve on a plate and sprinkle with black pepper to complete.

Ogiyahagi / Yahagi's Carbonara
Let's eat!

It's not as rich as fresh cream, but it tastes like carbonara. Rather, it is refreshing and you can eat a lot. Rather than hospitality, it certainly feels like I want to make and eat quickly when I'm alone at home. Kelp tea, which is popular as a hidden excellent seasoning, should be tried if you have a surplus at home!