Full stamina! Grilled burger udon
When you feel like eating solidly. It is a volume recipe published in "Minute Recipe" of Seven-Eleven.
Material ( 1 serving )
Seven Premium A plump juicy Japanese-style hamburger with an open fire finish 1 pack
Seven Premium Sanuki Udon 1 serving
Seven Premium Genuine Sesame Oil 1/2 tbsp
Seven Premium Kizami Nori Appropriate amount
Seven Premium Beni Shoga Appropriate amount
Seven-Eleven "Yakiberg Udon"
Anyway, it looks really good!

Private brand that convenience stores are focusing on. It is widely used in sweets and household goods, but most of the side dishes are delicious enough to be served on the table as they are.

It's such a side dish, but did you know that the official websites of each company have simple arrangement recipes? When I took a look at Seven-Eleven's "Minute Recipe", I was fascinated by " Yakiberg Udon ", which gives off a B-class aura, so I made it.

The ingredients (for one person) are as follows. The gold Japanese-style hamburger steak listed on the site is not currently available, so we are substituting it with a "fluffy juicy Japanese-style hamburger steak with an open fire finish."

Seven-Eleven "Yakiberg Udon"
Except for sesame oil, the total is 600 yen or less. Red pickled ginger is a must

・ 1 pack of "Seven Premium direct-fired fluffy juicy Japanese-style hamburger steak" ・ 1 serving of "Seven Premium Sanuki udon" ・ 1/2 tablespoon of "Seven Premium genuine sesame oil"
・ Appropriate amount of "Seven Premium Kizami Nori" and "Seven Premium Beni Shoga"

First, warm the udon as shown, put sesame oil in a frying pan, and fry the udon and hamburger sauce over high heat.

Seven-Eleven "Yakiberg Udon"
I will entangle it at once

Warm the hamburger in the microwave while frying and serve on a plate to complete. Enjoy it with chopped seaweed and pickled ginger toppings as you like!

Seven-Eleven "Yakiberg Udon"
Yes completed

The seasoning is a super-simple recipe with only the attached sauce, but from the time I made it, there was a scent that I was convinced that "this is absolutely delicious" ... When you squeeze the meat and noodles, the harmony of the chewy noodles soaked in soy sauce and the juicy hamburger is the best! The red pickled ginger became a refreshing accent to the overall richness, and I ate it without difficulty.

Seven-Eleven "Yakiberg Udon"
Red pickled ginger is doing a good job

It is also recommended to add sesame seeds and green onions, or to increase the volume with hot spring eggs. Please try it in the summer when you want to add stamina!