Azabujuban "DUMBO" chocolate mint donuts
This should definitely be eaten

Hello, this is Mami the Psychic, who loves chocolate mint. I'm glad that there are many chocolate mint products this year.

Among them, the other day, I came across a donut that made me wonder, "This is perfect ...", so I would like to introduce it.

"DUMBO" in Azabujuban, Tokyo is a NYC donut and coffee specialty store that opened last fall. "Chocolate mint" is on sale for summer only, with about 10 flavors lined up all the time. The price is 380 yen per piece (excluding tax).

Azabujuban "DUMBO" chocolate mint donuts
Look for the pink sign

Azabujuban "DUMBO" chocolate mint donuts
More than 10 types of donuts are always lined up (image is an image)

There are about 7 counter seats in the store, but it's almost full, so I wonder if it's better to take it home.

Azabujuban "DUMBO" chocolate mint donuts
The takeout case is also cute

The first thing that surprises me is its size. It has the diameter of a smartphone and is thick and fluffy. If I had a sofa like this, I would like to put it at home.

Azabujuban "DUMBO" chocolate mint donuts
It's big!

Azabujuban "DUMBO" chocolate mint donuts
I can hold it with one hand

The toppings are a thick glaze sauce and chocolate sauce. If you don't mind getting dirty, the fluffy, fluffy dough and the sweet sauce will be entwined and you will lose your words!

Azabujuban "DUMBO" chocolate mint donuts
The more you chew the dough, the more fluffy it becomes.

The mint feel is so smooth in the aftertaste, but it is a perfect balance without spoiling the deliciousness of the dough. If it's so delicious, you can eat it even if it's as big as a floating ring.

The chocolate mint flavor is scheduled to be sold until the end of September, but it may be extended depending on the sales. Please try it with an original blend of coffee that goes well with donuts!

Azabujuban "DUMBO" chocolate mint donuts
With your favorite coffee (image is an image)

Location: 2-17-6 Azabujuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Business hours: 9:00 to 19:00