Tropicana Seasons Best Sakura Peach Taste

Spring-only 100% fruit juice "Tropicana Seasons Best Sakura Peach Taste" is now available from Kirin Tropicana. It is on sale in limited quantities from February 13th. The capacity is 250 ml, and the suggested retail price (excluding tax) is 100 yen.

A new product in the "Tropicana Seasons Best" series that proposes "deliciousness and mood that can only be enjoyed in that season." A blend of peach, apple and raspberry, it has a soft sweetness with a fluffy scent of cherry blossoms. You can also enjoy the gorgeous scent of the three fruits and the firm sweetness.

The gingham check girly design is used for the package with the theme of "juice that looks cute just by drinking". It is a shade that makes the best use of the springiness and the color of the fruit.