Seijo Ishii 2019 lucky bag

At each supermarket "Seijo Ishii", lucky bags packed with selected products and wine will be sold sequentially from January 1, 2019 according to the first sale date of each store.

This year, the item contents have been renewed, and there are a total of 5 types, including 2 types of lucky bags for sweets, 1 type of lucky bag for grocery products, and 2 types of lucky bags for wine. You can see the breakdown from the POP and leaflets at the sales floor, so it is recommended for people who do not want to fail in lucky bags.

The recommended lucky bags of the store are as follows. The contents and quantity of each store are different, and it will end as soon as it runs out, so don't miss it! * All prices do not include tax, and the scale of the image differs from the actual product.

■ Seijo Ishii direct import World sweets set 2,000 yen

Seijo Ishii's sweets buyers carefully select sweets purchased overseas. Assortment of 9 items such as chocolate and chips, equivalent to the regular price of 3,100 yen.

Seijo Ishii 2019 lucky bag
Carefully selected sweets that buyers confidently recommend

■ Seijo Ishii original & directly imported special food set 3,000 yen

Assortment of popular foods from Seijo Ishii, equivalent to the regular price of 4,800 yen. A total of 7 products, including non-alcoholic sparkling juice that mainly uses Chardonnay grape juice, honey imported in-house, and coffee.

Seijo Ishii 2019 lucky bag
Great deals on food and drinks you eat every day!

■ Popular red wine & sparkling 3 bottles set 5,000 yen

A set of 3 bottles of wine worth 6,100 yen. Assortment of sparkling wine made by the same in-bottle secondary fermentation method as champagne and red wine made by the producer of Montpellier.

Seijo Ishii 2019 lucky bag
It's irresistible for wine lovers!