Canmake "3way Slim Shade Liner" "Poreless Remaker" "Juicy Pure Eyes"

From Canmake, new products "3way Slim Shade Liner" and "Poreless Remaker" are on sale from the end of November. In addition, a new color of "Juicy Pure Eyes" is also available.

"3way Slim Shade Liner" is a 3-way shadow color liquid liner that can be used for double line, tear bag shadow, and eyebrow. The brush is thinned from the root so that the drawn line does not become thick, and a short brush with a brush tip length of 5 mm is used. The ultra-thin color gives a natural finish. It is waterproof against water, sweat, sebum, and rubbing, and is also recommended for drawing the end of the eyebrows that easily disappears.

Canmake "3way Slim Shade Liner"

The colors are the easy-to-use all-purpose brown "01 Natural Brown" and the calm brown "02 Ash Brown" that suppresses redness. The price is 770 yen (tax included, same below).

Canmake "3way Slim Shade Liner"

"Poreless Remakeer" is a repair gel that can be used to remove makeup breakage by simply tapping it into areas where you are concerned about shine, twist, or pores falling off. Soft focus effect powder naturally covers pores and irregularities to make your skin flat. Contains sebum-adsorbing powder for a smooth finish. Contains Yukinoshita extract and tea leaf extract (skin tightening ingredient). The price is 660 yen.

Canmake "Poreless Remaker"

"Juicy Pure Eyes" is a three-color eyeshadow of main color, line color, and juicy coat souffle. It adheres perfectly to the eyelids without powder flying, and finishes the eyes with a glossy and elegant look.

Canmake "Juicy Pure Eyes"

The new color "13 Champagne Beige" is a beige color with large lame. It glitters like champagne. The price is 660 yen.

Canmake "Juicy Pure Eyes" New color "13 Champagne Beige"