"Yukari" pen style
Let's carry the "Yukari" that everyone loves!

Mishima Foods sells "Yukari", a sprinkle of red sardines that everyone knows. The official online shopping site sells various original products that you can't find in stores.

"Yukari" felt-tip pen

"Yukari Pen Style" is a popular product that has been sold out repeatedly since its launch in 2014. Yukari is put in a felt-tip pen type container, and when you shake it, the connection comes out from the small hole at the tip. With a cap, it is convenient to carry around or keep in the office.

"Yukari" pen style
Included with a stylish message

"Yukari" pen style
I can't write on paper,

"Yukari" pen style
You can put it on rice ...!

The price is 540 yen per bottle with 6g (0.21oz) (tax included, same below). The wording "up to 10 bottles per person" is written on the product page, which shows its popularity.

"Yukari" pen style
It's good not to go too far at once

Sweets that are particular about red perilla

Even if you buy a pen with your family and friends, you will incur shipping costs for just a few pens. The product I would like to recommend at such times is "Duck Words, where you can meet red perilla and cheese." A sweet with red perilla-flavored meringue dough sandwiched with cheese cream using Camembert cheese.

Mishima Foods "Aka Shiso and Cheese Encounter Dacquoise"
I said it was like a shipping measure, but it's really delicious.

Mishima Foods "Aka Shiso and Cheese Encounter Dacquoise"
Since it is individually wrapped, it can be distributed at work

A rich texture in which the teeth sink into the fluffy dough and mix with the thick cream. Cheese isn't very strong, but its compatibility with refreshing shiso is unthinkable. The sweetness is modest, and the slight saltiness is also addictive!

Mishima Foods "Aka Shiso and Cheese Encounter Dacquoise"
I definitely want people who like humans to eat

This is 1,426 yen for 8 pieces per box. It's wrapped in Yukari-style wrapping paper, so it's a good souvenir.

In addition to this, the official online shopping site sells special seasonings and advantageous commercial sizes, so you can enjoy a wide range of products unique to direct sales. Not limited to Yukari fans, please check it out!

Mishima Foods "Yukari Pen Style"
Let's have lunch