Melon bread toast with cream
A little tweak to the cream bun and arrange it like a melon bread.
Material ( 4 servings )
Small cream bun 4-5 pieces
margarine 3.5 tbsp
sugar 2 tablespoons
cake flour 4 tbsp
Melon bread made from cream bun

Suddenly, do you all know "melon bread toast"? The idea of baking cookie dough made from butter and flour on bread was once talked about on the Internet as it was possible to enjoy the taste of homemade melon bread.

The bread is good, but the author came up with the idea that using sweet buns would make it even more delicious. I bought a cream bun and decided to give it a try.

Ingredients: Cream bun (4-5 small) / Margarine (3.5 tbsp) / Sugar (2 tbsp) / Cake flour (4 tbsp)

Melon bread toast with cream bun
I will use the "sweet potato cream bun" that was sold at a convenience store in the neighborhood.

How to make:
1. Add sugar and cake flour to margarine softened at room temperature and mix.

Melon bread toast with cream bun
The cookie dough is completed in no time

2. Apply evenly to the cream bun.
* Since the surface is easily uneven, use a finger moistened with water to smooth it.

Melon bread toast with cream bun
The dough was too soft, so bake it as it is without the standard mesh pattern.

3. Bake in a toaster until golden brown.

Melon bread toast with cream bun

By the way, the taste you are interested in is ... The crispy baked cookies, fluffy bread, and savory cream make for the deliciousness of the Trinity! As a whole, it has a gentle taste, so it seems that you will eat too much with one or two. Try using sweet buns at home, such as jam bread and anpan, as well as cream buns.

Melon bread made with cream bun
Please note that cookies are easy to come off while eating

Please look forward to the next recipe!

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