Disaster prevention book "Tokyo food"
A new form of "stockpile"

The disaster prevention book "Tokyo Disaster Prevention" distributed to each household in Tokyo in 2015. The creative team that worked on the book has started pre-sale of the "edible" disaster prevention book "Tokyo Bisho".

Disaster prevention book "Tokyo disaster prevention"
"Tokyo disaster prevention" distributed from Tokyo to all citizens

It is said that it will take about 72 hours to restore all lifelines after the great earthquake, and it is necessary to stockpile about 9 meals per person to save lives.

Tokyo Food is a disaster prevention product that combines a book with information on disaster prevention and stockpiling and stockpiled food for 3 meals (5 items per meal). It is housed in a book-shaped case and can be placed comfortably on a bookshelf or in a conspicuous place.

Disaster prevention book "Tokyo food"
Easy to place within reach

One serving consists of 5 items: staple food (pregelatinized rice), main dish, side dish, soup, and sweetness. Chef Kasahara of the famous Japanese restaurant "Pros and cons" was in charge of supervision, and Kokubu, known for the "Can Tsuma" series, was in charge of canning.

Disaster prevention book "Tokyo food"
Consists of dietary fiber and vegetables that tend to be deficient in the event of a disaster, and sweetness that is effective in reducing stress

The product is currently the crowdfunding service "READY FOR", and we are accepting solicitation of support funds and pre-sale until December 22nd. With the support of 12,000 yen, you can get one set of Tokyo food (5 dishes x 3 meals). It will be delivered to supporters on March 11, 2017.

Disaster prevention book "Tokyo food"
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