Morozoff "Holiday Suite Calendar"
Chocolate products for Christmas are now available from Morozoff * The photo is "Holiday Sweet Calendar"

Chocolate products for Christmas are now available from Morozoff. The lineup includes an Advent calendar (calendar for the Christmas season) and an assortment that can be shared with the family.

Part of the lineup is as follows (price includes tax).

■ Holiday Sweet Calendar 1,620 yen An Advent calendar packed with a total of 50 chocolate candies. From December 1st to December 25th, you can enjoy the sweets inside while opening the dated "windows" one by one every day.

■ Christmas card 378 yen A Christmas card made of milk chocolate. It is also possible to attach a stamp to the package and mail it.

Morozoff "Christmas card"

■ Christmas Turin Kit 540 yen each A bag of crunch chocolate and milk chocolate. There are two bag colors, red and green.

Morozoff "Christmas Turin Kit"

■ Christmas book 25 pieces 1,080 yen 12 pieces 648 yen A product with a cute label milk chocolate packed in a book-shaped package. The 2017 mini-calendar is in the center of the "25 pieces" package.

Morozoff "Christmas Book"

■ Christmas Surprise 378 yen each Assorted chocolates in a Christmas limited package. Available in three types: crunch chocolate & milk chocolate (red), milk chocolate (green), chocolate wafer & milk chocolate (white). The price for purchasing 3 bags at once is 1,080 yen.

Morozoff "Christmas Surprise"

■ Christmas Dreamland 540 yen Assortment of milk chocolate, chocolate wafers and crunch chocolate. Comes in a special bag.

Morozoff "Christmas Domeland"