Clean up the makeup pouch

Nice to meet you, I'm Ogasho, a professional organizing advisor. In this column, we will give you tips on how to clean up in one minute.

There are only two months left this year. We will make the ideal room at once by cleaning at the end of the year! I think there are many people who are enthusiastic about it.

However, if a person who is usually not good at cleaning up suddenly starts, if it gets out of control, it may be carried over to next year. Therefore, I would like to give you some tips for organizing and storing little by little by the end of the year.

As a preparatory exercise, "cosmetics" are easy for people who are not good at cleaning up. First of all, please collect all the contents of the makeup pouch and makeup box in one place.

Clean up the makeup pouch
Isn't it a pouch that you always carry with you?

Clean up the makeup pouch
The point is to put it all out once

The basis of tidying up is to separate "what you need now" and "what you are not using" . If the cosmetics, which carry every day, those that leave them at home, what to use in the event, and while classified, "which dethroned bought is not used at all" and "what was carrying around and be used maybe "we will review the like.

Clean up cosmetics

By the way, the reason why it is easy to work on is that it has an expiration date like food. After opening cosmetics, they are oxidized by contact with air and deteriorate steadily. Even if you buy a limited edition item that you like, it should be easy to dispose of it if it has an adverse effect on your skin.

Cosmetics makers say "early", but according to information on the internet, some items can be as early as 3 months. It is certain to contact the manufacturer for suspicious items, but if it is 2-3 years old, it is for your skin to dispose of it.

Sunscreen is often overlooked. Please think that this is also about half a year after opening. For those who use it infrequently or who are forgetful, it is a good idea to write the opening date on masking tape and attach it.

Clean up the makeup pouch
You can also buy a smaller one so that you can use it in one season.

That's why, when I reviewed it again, the author also came up with a solid disposal product ... Items to leave are returned to their original location and completed.

Clean up the makeup pouch
It also contained lipstick that I bought on an overseas trip a few years ago. The temptation of a duty-free shop ...

The clean makeup pouch makes your daily luggage a little lighter. Why don't you buy more things that are not enough and welcome the new year with new cosmetics?