Bear abandoned in the trash
Have you ever thrown away something important?

Hello, I'm Ogasho, a professional organizing advisor. In this column, we will give you tips on how to clean up in one minute.


Have you ever thought that each other's luggage is a hindrance to everyone living in a couple or family? Many people may think that they should throw away the clothes that overflow from the closet, the ever-increasing number of books, and hobby goods while they are away.

Image of garbage dump
Being confused by the rush of cleaning ...

Actually, the best taboo to clean up is to "discard people's things without permission" . Even if it's absolutely useless to others, the owner should have more or less fondness for it (even a beer crown). When I was a kid, my mother threatened me to throw everything away if I didn't clean it up, and I was in a hurry with the Licca-chan doll. Throw away ... it's a destructive word comparable to Barth.

By the way, in a survey conducted by the storage service "Sumally Pocket" targeting married people, 70% of the respondents answered that "the couple have had trouble cleaning up and managing things." Furthermore, more than half of the people who have had the experience of throwing things away "thought to get revenge" ... It's a little scary, isn't it?

A couple and a child arguing
"Why did you throw it away !!" "I've never used it since I got married!" It can lead to the worst divorce ...

So how can the people who live with us get rid of it positively? In my experience, when someone in my family succeeds in cleaning up, I often think that I should do it myself. It will be more effective if you implicitly convey the merits such as "wider" and "easier to use". Like Amano-Iwato, the door of your heart may open.

Unfortunately, I can't proceed unless I'm motivated. Please control it well because it is a family who knows the person's personality.

* The survey was conducted in May 2016 on 600 married people in their 20s and 50s.