Sankt Gallen Chocolate Beer 2019

Four types of chocolate-flavored beer, including "banana chocolate flavor," have been released by Sankt Gallen.

A beer that reproduces the flavor of chocolate with high-temperature roasted malt without using actual chocolate. It seems that the aroma and bitterness are brought out.

The lineup consists of the following four types. * Price does not include tax

Sankt Gallen Chocolate Beer 2019

Imperial chocolate stout
330ml (11.16us fl oz) 600 yen
Since 2006, it has been sold only for the Valentine season every year. The foam was hard and black like a shake, and it was described as "a bitter chocolate cake to drink". Can be aged for 2 years with 9% alcohol.

Banana chocolate stout
330ml (11.16us fl oz) 500 yen
2019 limited chocolate beer. It is brewed with finely chopped bananas. Instead of the chocolate bananas on the street, he imagined a "higher-grade chocolate banana" made from rich chocolate with high cacao.

Orange chocolate stout
330ml (11.16us fl oz) 500 yen The image of "Orange", which is an orange peel coated with chocolate. It is brewed using orange fruits from Kanagawa prefecture, and you can enjoy the bitterness of marmalade.

Sweet Vanilla Stout Valentine Label
330ml (11.16us fl oz) 429 yen Add the aroma of high-class vanilla to a rich dark beer like espresso. The mouth is sweet and the back is like vanilla chocolate.

All will be handled at department stores nationwide. It is also on sale at the company's booth at "Furusato Matsuri Tokyo 2019" to be held at Tokyo Dome from January 11th to 20th.