MaQuillage Dramatic Nude Jerry BB

Shiseido's total make-up brand "MaQuillage" will release "MaQuillage Dramatic Nude Jelly BB" on November 21st, which will give you a glossy skin just after skin care, even though it is difficult to get on the mask. The estimated price is 2,800 yen (excluding tax).

Nowadays, going out wearing a mask is becoming more commonplace, and the need to "alleviate the adhesion of makeup to the mask" is increasing. Since there is still a need to "finish with glossy skin", items that allow you to enjoy trendy glossy skin-based makeup without worrying about sticking to the mask will appear.

"MaQuillage Dramatic Nude Jelly BB" is a daytime colored beauty essence that covers pores and uneven color to give moisturized and transparent skin. Contains W hyaluronic acid (Na acetyl hyaluronic acid / Na hyaluronate), water-soluble collagen, and glycerin, which are moisturizing ingredients. SPF50 + / PA +++. Fragrance-free, allergy tested (not all allergies are eliminated).

MaQuillage Dramatic Nude Jerry BB

The "Beautiful Skin Jelly Coat Formula" used is a new technology that uses a special technology to gel a base that is composed of moisturizing ingredients and a cover powder that has been treated to improve the fit. When pressure is applied to the elastic gel, it spreads thinly and evenly over the entire skin with a fresh feel, creating a lustrous skin. By wrapping it in a snug fit, it also guards against color transfer to the mask.

Makeup adhered to the mask