"Pocket Tripod", a tripod for smartphones that you can carry in your wallet

The "Pocket Tripod" is a credit card-sized tripod. It was developed by Geometrical, a design company in California, USA, and Rambod Radmard, an engineer.

Credit card size tripod "Pocket Tripod"
Credit card-sized tripod "Pocket Tripod" that can be carried in your wallet

Camera design is constantly evolving. However, the shape of the tripod hasn't evolved much since the 1800s. For example, the design of a tripod to which a "camera" called a smartphone is attached is basically the same as the camera tripod of the era when film was used. The development team said it was when the camera itself was large and was too wasteful to use on today's thin, light smartphones.

A modern tripod that is too big for a smartphone
Example of attaching a smartphone to a tripod The tripod is much larger than the smartphone. The balance is too bad.

The "Pocket Tripod" is a tripod with a design specialized for smartphones, which are modern cameras. Like a smartphone that I always carry with me, I put it in my wallet and made it always portable.

"Pocket Tripod" that you can carry in your wallet
Can be inserted in the credit card holder of the wallet

Not only can it be used as a portable tripod, it can also be used as a smartphone stand.

"Pocket Tripod" that can also be used as a smartphone stand
Adjustable angle

"Pocket Tripod" first appeared in 2013. The versions released at this time could only be fitted with the iPhone 4 / 4S and 5. This new version offers adapters from 5.5mm to 12.5mm. As a result, it is now compatible with almost all models.

"Pocket Tripod" adapter
Offering adapters from 5.5 mm (left image) to 12.5 mm (right image) Is there a 12.5 mm smartphone, etc.?

Geometrical and Radmard are currently running a campaign to recruit investors on the crowdfunding site kickstarter, which doubles as a promotional campaign for the new version of "Pocket Tripod." At the time of this writing, a $ 18 black or white "Pocket Tripod" is available. Shipment is scheduled for October 2016.

"Pocket Tripod" usage example