How to make chilled cucumber
Cucumbers that are cheaper in the summer can also save money ◎

A chilled cucumber that gnaws a whole piece is a staple of summer night shops. Lightly pickled cucumber is suitable for hydration in hot weather because it can efficiently ingest salt and water.

You can make it just by soaking it in the ingredients, so it's perfect for snacks and snacks at home. This time, I will introduce two types of making methods.

[Material (amount that is easy to make)]
4 cucumbers 1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon of 5 cm square kelp sliced red pepper
200 ml of water

How to make chilled cucumber
Pepper is your choice

[How to make]
Cut off the cucumber at both ends and peel it with a peeler in places. Sprinkle salt (outside the amount) on the cutting board, shave the board, and then lightly wash it with water.

How to make chilled cucumber
By shaving the cucumber, the thorns of the cucumber can be removed and the color can be improved.

Put ingredients other than cucumber in a zipper bag, put cucumber in it, rub it lightly, and cool it well in the refrigerator to complete it (you can eat it in about 4 hours).

How to make chilled cucumber
* The image is made in half.

Only with the water of the cucumber

If you have time or if you want to make a small amount, soak it in the cucumber water without adding water to the seasoning liquid, and the taste will become more familiar.

Simply slice 2 cucumbers with 1 teaspoon of salt, put them in a storage bag with kelp (5 x 10 cm) and a few slices of chili pepper, and cool them overnight in the refrigerator.

How to make chilled cucumber
Without adding water

How to make chilled cucumber
Soak in the water from the cucumber

How to make chilled cucumber
If you use disposable chopsticks, you will feel more festive ♪

The person who added water has a low salt content and is refreshing, so you can enjoy the taste of the cucumber itself. It looks even more delicious if made with freshly picked cucumbers! On the other hand, those who pickled without water became lightly pickled and seemed to go well with beer.

When inserting disposable chopsticks, insert them while turning the chopsticks for smoothness. If you cut it in half in advance, it will be easier for children to eat.

How to make chilled cucumber
It's nice to be able to adjust the amount at home

Depending on the recipe, it seems that there are arrangements such as adding sugar or vinegar, or using "kelp tea" instead of kelp and salt. Please try various things and find the taste of your house ♪