Honey specialty store "MY HONEY" Omotesando
Happiness is packed in this

Honey pickled nuts soaked in plenty of honey with fragrant nuts such as walnuts and almonds. It's a coveted combination for honey lovers, isn't it?

The most popular product is "MY HONEY", a honey specialty store in Tottori prefecture. It can be purchased online or at Seijo Ishii, and I have made it in the same bottle even after I finished eating it.

"MY HONEY" nuts pickled in honey
Speaking of pickled nuts in honey, this is it! It was introduced on a certain TV program and became famous at once.

The flagship store of My Honey opened in Omotesando, Tokyo the other day! I heard that you can make original honey pickles , so I also visited the author who loves honey.

The store is located in a residential area behind Omotesando Hills. In addition to the honey pickles mentioned earlier, a wide range of products such as various types of honey, cordial syrup, and shampoo are on sale in the store.

Honey specialty store "MY HONEY" Omotesando
"MY HONEY Omotesando Main Store"

Honey specialty store "MY HONEY" Omotesando
I'm glad I can buy from a small amount

The original honey pickles that you are interested in can be packed by weight by combining nuts lined up on the counter and several types of honey. There are 3 sizes of bottles, and you can make a little bit like a trial.

Honey specialty store "MY HONEY" Omotesando
Both nuts and honey are sold by weight in 1g (0.04oz) increments.

In consultation with the kind staff, I tried packing rose honey and red walnuts in a 90g (3.17oz) bottle. This honey, which is said to be luxuriously soaked with damask rose petals, has a romantic scent and should definitely be loved by women! The price was about 900 yen, but it's so delicious that I regret that I should have doubled it (I'll go again ...).

Honey specialty store "MY HONEY" Omotesando
Serve with yogurt or toast

You can also sample what you are interested in, so you will surely find your favorite honey. Why don't you take a short walk while walking around Omotesando?

The store is located at 4-23-6 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. Business hours are from 11:00 to 20:00, closed on Mondays.
MY HONEY Omotesando Main Store
Address:4-23-6 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo